History and Demographics


Culpeper County is located in the Piedmont area of North Central Virginia. The county comprises 389 square miles of beautiful countryside, bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Culpeper supports a strong agricultural economy with some manufacturing and service industries. The town of Culpeper is approximately 68 miles west southwest of Washington, DC, approximately 49 miles northeast of Charlottesville, and approximately 35 miles west of Fredericksburg.

Eastern View High School is located on the eastern side of the town of Culpeper, at 16332 Cyclone Way. The school is a 260,000 square foot facility situated on 75 acres along state Route 29 and Route 666, in the Stevensburg District. Eastern View High School’s mascot is the Cyclone, and the school colors are Columbia Blue, Silver, and Black.


Eastern View High School serves students from the following districts: Stevensburg, East Fairfax, West Fairfax, Salem, and Cedar Mountain. These districts include the communities of Richardsville, Lignum, and Rapidan in the Stevensburg district, the town of Culpeper, parts of which are within the East Fairfax and West Fairfax districts, Salem and Boston in the Salem district, and White Shop and Reva, in the Cedar Mountain district.


Based on the census of 2020, the population of Culpeper County was 52,605. Within that population, 79% are White, 14% are Black/African American, 11% are Hispanic/Latino, 3.3% are two or more races,1.7% are Asian,0.8% are American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 0.2% are Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. (US Dept of Commerce, US Census Bureau, https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/culpepercountyvirginia/PST045219)

Eastern View High School’s student population for the 2021-2022 school year is 1,561 students. Within this student population, 49% are White, 14.5% are Black/African American, 26% are Hispanic/Latino, and 5% are two or more races.


Eastern View High School, which was completed in 2008, was designed to be a Green School. The plant recycles non-consumable water. The facility also utilizes natural light by providing a network of windows in both outside and inside walls. The school is engaged in a strong program that recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. On the school grounds, one will find a rain garden and a small area of wetlands.