2017-2018 Course Registration

On-line registration for next year's classes will be available via Parent Portal March 1st-March 31st. There will be opportunities provided for student's to register during the school day later in the month with assistance from counselors, administrators and/or teachers. Teacher recommendations can be viewed within the registration window in Parent Portal. Students may access a copy of the ACP (Academic Career Plan) created/updated with their counselor via their Naviance/Family Connection account. Our2017-2018 Program of Studiesis now available on the EVHS website, it can be found on both the home page and the school counseling page.Our Curriculum Fair will be held March 1st 6pm-7:30pm in the EVHS gymnasium, in addition to reviewing the Program of Studies, visiting our Curriculum Fair is a great way to further explore course offerings and assist with your efforts regarding the registration process. There will also be a Rising 9th Grade Orientation March 1st 6pm-6:30pm in the EVHS Auditorium. Rising 9th grade students and their parents are encouraged to join us for the presentation in the Auditorium before visiting the Curriculum Fair. Rising 9th grade students will also have the opportunity to visit EVHS during the school day on March 1st, look for information regarding that field trip to come from your student's middle school.

The registration process is a crucial piece in planning for your child's future success. Because the master schedule for each high school is created in late spring based on student requests and staff availability, changes after the end of school may be more difficult to obtain. Counselors and administrators take the following into consideration when reviewing schedule appeal requests once schedules have been distributed:

  • Student's failure of a course which is a prerequisite for a schedule course or graduation requirement
  • Human error
  • Change in the student’s educational plan
  • Balancing of class sizes
  • If the requested course has low enrollment and will not be offered
  • An unbalanced schedule (too many academic courses in one semester)
  • An alternate was used in your schedule and you'd like to have a different alternate listed from your registration
  • You would like to raise to another level.

Commitments for staff, textbooks and supplies are made based upon the courses selected. Schedule changes will not be allowed without committee approval. The appeal process for schedule change requests takes place in August for the entire year's schedule. There will also be December/January appeal dates scheduled. The committee will review requests in the order that they are received.

Changes will NOT be considered if any of the following situations occur:

  • It makes a class exceed the stated class cap
  • It causes the number of enrollment in a class to fall below fifteen
  • It is a course for which you do not have the prerequisite
  • It is a request that changes your diploma type
  • It is a request to drop a career/technical class which completes a sequence
  • It is a request for a class that will not work in your schedule due to scheduling conflicts
  • It is a request to change teacher-It is a request to add a course that was not on your course request list

Students and parents are encouraged to review course registrations carefully. Please see your school counselor for assistance during this process.