Assigned Bus Numbers - TBD

The buttons below connect to a spreadsheet that list routed addresses, bus numbers for pick up and drop off. Keep in mind, if a community stop is utilized, your home address may be listed but your pick up location may be at a nearby crossroads. You should click on your school and then do a search (Ctrl+F) to look up your home address. Special transportation routes will not be posted.

New Routes will be posted prior to the start of school in August.

**Please reference the bus departure log below to know when your child's bus has left from the school so you can anticipate when it will be at your stop. You can also review steps to activate your Stop Finder application.

Where is the bus?

Elementary Schools (Buses and Routed Addresses)

Secondary Schools (Buses and Routed Addresses)

School Buses

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was my child removed from the route? If a student does not ride the bus for 10 consecutive days, he or she may be removed from the route (especially if the reason for the absence is not communicated to the driver). This includes a morning or afternoon route separately. If for some reason your child is going to miss school for multiple weeks - please tell your bus driver so they can schedule your return.

As a reminder - Parents or guardians of students in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade are expected to meet the school bus when picking up in the morning and dropping off in the afternoon. If a parent cannot be available, the supervision form linked below must be completed and provided to the bus driver. Failing to meet the bus at the designated drop off time may result in the student being unable to ride for a specified period of time as outlined in school board policy.



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Transportation Team



transportation director

Steven Bagley, Jr.

Director of Transportation

Mr. Bagley has 5 years’ experience in public education transportation in Falls Church City and Loudoun County. He has served in a variety of roles in the transportation department including bus driver, dispatcher, Medicaid and ESY program assistant. He holds a CDL Class B license.

Ms. Caporuscio

Theresa Caporuscio

Assistant to Director

Ms. Caporuscio has worked in Culpeper County Public Schools for 6 years. Prior to that, she worked as a school bus driver and trainer for Rappahannock. She has extensive experience as a driver and trainer, ensuring Culpeper's bus drivers have completed training and are properly licensed.

Mrs. Ditamore

Barbara Ditamore

Dispatch, Communications Coordinator

Barbara has 18 years experience behind the wheel driving students with special needs. She drove for 15 years with Fauquier and has been with Culpeper for 3.

Mr. Jamison

Joel Jamison

Transportation Routing Specialist

Mr. Jamison has been with Culpeper schools since 2002. He has served as a school security officer at FT Binns and Eastern View. Prior to that, Joel served with the Culpeper County Sheriff's Department. He graduated with an Associates from Germanna and a Bachelor's of Science from George Mason. He is a 1987 graduate from Culpeper County High School.

Mrs. Washinger

Melissa Washinger

Administrative Assistant

Melissa came to Culpeper County Public Schools after having worked in the real estate industry for the past 5 years. She has a bachelor degree in business. She has lived in the Culpeper area for 10 years, moving from Pennsylvania. She volunteers her time for various organizations, including Girl Scouts.

Chase Vans

Culpeper County Public Schools utilizes chase vans when a student is missed due to re-routing delays or overcrowding on a departing bus. 

The vans are driven by licensed, CCPS staff. These vans do not pick up students who miss the bus as a result of their own tardiness.

CCPS Chase Van

School Times

School Start Times 2022

CCHS/CMS Walk Zone Path

Conduct on Buses

Follow the link below to view school board approved policies on student conduct while riding a CCPS vehicle. The safety of students and staff while operating a vehicle is paramount. Students should follow the rules to ensure the driver is not distracted by behavior or other issues. These guidelines are included in the Student Code of Conduct and should be reviewed by parents and students alike.

Walk zones and walking to assigned bus stops

Following state guidance, Culpeper County Public Schools utilizes walk zones. These zones may extend to around a quarter of a mile from the school's property. Schools that have walk zones include: Culpeper High School, Culpeper Middle School, Sycamore Park Elementary School, Farmington Elementary School, and Yowell Elementary School. Though state guidance allows up to a mile for elementary and a mile and half for secondary, Culpeper Transportation has worked to identify areas where students can transit safely and quickly to school. In addition, we have invested in paving some pathways with security to include additional lighting, cameras, and physical security during arrival and dismissal times. Please encourage your student to dress appropriately for the weather.

CCPS does not assess all possible routes within the walk zone. We also do not supervise every route a student may select to take, or guarantee the safety. However, Culpeper Transportation will review walking routes for unusual hazards upon request and will collaborate with local organizations and HOA's in the development of pedestrian and biking route enhancements where appropriate.

Walking to the Bus Stop

In addition, students who are assigned a bus may be required to walk up to a quarter of a mile or more to the bus stop depending on their location. Private driveways and unusual pick up locations are an example of this. In order to improve efficiency, CCPS transportation utilizes community or common bus stops wherever practical.

When to stop for a bus

When to stop

Provided by the Virginia Department of Education in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
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